Memorial Day Dog Safety Tip

Though we often think of fireworks on the Fourth of July, they are becoming more common on other holidays, like New Year’s Eve, Labor Day and Memorial Day. This is why I wanted to share an important Memorial Day dog safety tip—Microchip your pets!

What’s bittersweet about fireworks is that although they are colorful to us, to our beloved pets, they are simply loud explosions. Naturally, this terrifies them and they want to run and/or hide. Because of this, animal shelters nationwide become inundated with “Possible Owner” dogs. This label means the shelter detected a microchip in the animal. The shelter then contacts the owner using on the provided information and will hold the dog for a certain period of time. In the best circumstances, the owner comes in and is reunited with their pet. There’s a lot of crying because, well, it is an wonderful end to a potentially bad situation.

But why is there a the flood of ‘lost’ dogs at the shelter after fireworks?

Mostly it is because accidents and oversights happen. Dogs get scared from the noises and want to get as far away from them as possible. Perhaps a friend left the gate open or a window was fully closed. Honestly, if a pet happens to become lost, as long as they have a loving home with owners who are looking for them, they are lucky to be at a shelter (momentarily). They are safe from the streets and are ready to be found. And all thanks to their microchip. Of course, if your dog can avoid being at the shelter that is even better!

So, lets remember the importance of keeping your pets safe all year round! Check out my Memorial Day Dog Safety Guide (coming soon) and remember an up-to-date microchip is invaluable!

Download my Memorial Day Dog Safety Guide — Coming Soon

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