Dog Training Classes in Santa Monica

Dog Training Classes

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Dog Sitting

Does Your Dog…

Pull on its leash?
Bark incessantly?
Dash out the door?
Chew on your favorite shoes?
Have house-training accidents?

Learn how to

teach your dog good habits &
eliminate unwanted behaviors

while having fun in my next dog training class

Why Dog Training Classes with Feet & Paws?

Social Setting

My dog training classes are a great way to improve your dog’s social skills, especially if on a budget, while learning how to teach your dog good habits & eliminate unwanted behaviors.

Now Is The Right Time

From basic dog obedience like loose leash walking, sit, & down, to live saving commands stay, come, & leave it, my classes show you how to communicate clearly with your dog so you can enjoy a long & happy life together.

Beginner to Advanced

Whether you’re just starting your training journey with your dog/puppy or looking to improve their behavior at home and while out & about town, there’s a class for every dog and person.

What are you waiting for?

Get started today!

Benefits of Dog Training Classes

Focus on Your Specific Goals
Establish Good Habits
Communicate Clearly with your Dog
Build Problem Solving Skills
Address and Curb Unwanted Behaviors
Strengthen Your Bond

How to Get Started

1. Register for Class

Fill out the registration form, call me at 323-484-4348, or email me at

2. Complete Payment

Complete your registration by submitting your payment using my secure online store, Venmo, or Zelle.

3. Schedule Consultation

Once your payment has been received, Tracy will reach out to schedule your consultation.

Dog Training Classes Information

What, Where, When, and More

Ask about my private & group dog training bundle discount!

Class Options

New Paws on the Block™ Puppy Class

6 Class Series Starting
Saturday, March 28, 2020

For: Puppies 3 – 6 Months

Cost: $180 for 6 class series, $150 for 5

Prerequisite: Two rounds of puppy vaccinations and close to the third round

Class content: This series includes the essentials of raising a puppy into a well-behaved, socialized* dog. From life saving commands like come, stay, and leave it to loose leash walking and preparing them to be calm when making new friends, like the vet, there is a lot for them (and you) to learn—but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun working together! Bring the whole family.

Manners 101

6 Class Series Starting
Saturday, April 4, 2020
Level I & II: 9:30am-10:30am

For: New or experienced dog parent(s) with dogs that have either a) passed puppy class or b) are older than 6 months and either new to training or could use a refresher.

Cost: $180 for 6 class series, $150 for 5

Level I—Proof of current vaccinations

Level II—Passed Manners 101: Level I or passed an evaluation with the trainer (fill out the registration form to request yours today!) and proof of current vaccinations

Class content:

Level I: This series focuses on establishing and challenging three life saving commands: come, stay, and leave it as well as other important basic skills like sit, down, look, and loose leash walking. Each class will be filled with step-by-step instructions and training tips that will show you how to clearly communicate with your dog in a way that they understand and enjoy. Everyone in the family is welcome to participate.

Level II: This series will reinforce and challenge the skills established in Level I while also preparing your dog for my Beyond Basics series.

Canine Good Citizen Prep

6 Class Series Starting
Saturday, April 4, 2020
Level I & II: 10:30am-11:30am

For: Dogs 6 months and older

Cost: $180 for 6 class series, $150 for 5

Level I—Passed Manners 101: Level II or passed an evaluation with the trainer (fill out the registration form to request yours today!) and proof of current vaccinations
Level II—Passed Beyond Basics: Level I or passed an evaluation with the trainer (fill out the registration form to request yours today!) and proof of current vaccinations

Class content: 
Level I: This series brings it up a notch. From refining your trainer skills (timing, body language, etc) to challenging the behaviors your dog ‘knows’, this series will set you and your dog up for success in the busy and distracting world. Whether it’s out on your walk, at a local restaurant, visiting a dog-friendly store, or greeting a friend or stranger, this class will help your dog have the skills to be a model canine citizen.

Level II: This series will reinforce and challenge the skills established in Level I while also preparing your dog for the Canine Good Citizen test.

Pup Crawl About Town

Next Series Starting

For: Dogs 4 months and older who are fully vaccinated or have had two rounds of puppy vaccinations and are close to the third round

Where: Locations TBA but will include Westside and DTLA locations like: Westfield Century City Mall, Third Street Promenade, and Los Angeles Parks

Cost: $210 for 6 class series, $180 for 5, $150 for 4

Prerequisite: New Paws on the Block™, Manners 101: Level I or pass an evaluation with the trainer—Fill out the registration form to request yours today!

Class content: 
This field trip based class focuses on improving your dog’s -Socialization Skills-, especially when out and about. You’ll learn how to understand your dog’s body language — Are they stressed, excited, etc? — and what to do in response so you can both have enjoyable outings together. Creating positive experiences is the key to have a confident, calm canine!


Limit of one dog per handler

Copy of your dog’s up-to-date vaccine records must be submitted before the start of the first class: DHPP, Bordetella, and Rabies. Puppies should have had two rounds of puppy vaccinations and close to the third round.

All sales are final.

Each team is allowed one make up class for use during a future series of the same level.

Completed and signed Photo and Video Release (optional). Code of Conduct, and Release of Liability. The link to access these forms is included in the email you’ll receive after submitting the form below.

Written notes on the class’s content will be provided via email after the first class.

In the Media

What People Are Saying

  • We hired Tracy to teach us and our 8-week old puppy basic training skills, obedience and potty training. Tracy is fantastic and has an amazing way with dogs: effective, yet gentle. We knew nothing about dogs (first puppy) and we came a long way in just a few sessions and have also decided to sign up for her group classes to continue improving our dog’s socialization skills. Highly recommended!

    Lucrecia S.
    Private Dog Training & Dog Training Classes
  • We took the beginner obedience class with instructor Tracy. Truly enjoyed the experience. This is a great class to learn the basics of training your dog. It’s very informative for both pups and people. Every week our dog enjoyed the class and came out knowing new skills. Tracy gave tons of great tips and techniques to practice at home to get your dog to the level you want them to be. This class really helps you to learn to speak your dogs language and create a happy and well adjusted member of your family!

    Todd B.
    Dog Training Classes
  • Tracy is fantastic! We took her intro training group class and had her over for private training as well and I don’t know where we’d be without her. Our pup has learned a ton and so have we. And we all have a lot more confidence and capability now to keep learning! Would definitely recommend for new pup owners and anyone who wants to deepen their relationship with their dog.

    Taylor D.
    Private Dog Training
  • We took Puppy Class with Tracy and had a great experience! Classes were fun and definitely helped us establish good communication with our high energy pup. We like her positive training techniques and plan to do more classes with her.

    Sarah G.
    Dog Training Classes
  • Training with Tracy has been wonderful! I don’t know if I just got lucky or if she always has small classes, but my class was so small that my dog and I got a lot of attention and were truly able to learn.

    Tracy is so helpful in providing guidance to both dog & owner and tailoring it to their specific struggles. Not only is she great with the set training for the class, but she always has an answer when you ask for advice in other areas as well. My dog and I have already learned so much.

    Her energy is amazing and she’s so helpful and such a pleasure to learn from. We’re finishing up our beginner class and I definitely plan doing intermediate and advance with Tracy as well!

    Madeline B.
    Dog Training Classes
  • Tracy is very intuitive and knowledgeable with dogs. We took a beginning class with our recently adopted rescue pit-mix. She was able to help us stamp out our dog’s anxiety and respond to simple commands at the end of the course. Practicing consistently during the week is key. Highly recommended.

    Julie T.
    Dog Training Classes
  • We loved our classes with Tracy! My nine year old daughter attended as well and Tracy was not only good with our dog (a Maltese/Poodle mix) but also patient and a great teacher for my daughter. As a first time dog owner Tracy has taught us a lot of tips and tricks that really seem to work. Based on my observations of her interactions with the others in the class, she also seems very adept at tailoring suggestions for the personality and temperament of the dog. Great class, I highly recommend!

    Julie H.
    Dog Training Classes
  • We took our dog Coco to Tracy and we are already seeing progress. Tracy is amazing! I love how she gives honest feedback and gives us helpful tips that is helping us better train our dog. Tracy makes the class fun. I highly recommend.

    Iris G.
    Dog Training Classes
  • My dog and I took beginner obedience training with Tracy. My dog has a lot of anxiety issues, because he was a stray that I just took in a few months ago. Tracy’s positive energy is amazing. I really looked forward to class every week!

    We’ll continue training with Tracy, as I can tell that it’s helping my dog learn to trust humans. I highly recommend you try Feet & Paws too!

    Erika C.
    Dog Training Classes
  • We have been attending Tracy’s obedience class with our young dog since he was five months old. (2+ months). Tracy is amazing with a wide variety of dogs, patient, methodical, and has helped us in many ways, large and small. She definitely has the touch and is able to explain so many small things that need adjustment between the human and the canine. We are getting results with our rambunctious puppy and I’m grateful for her talent, kindness and helpful class. We recommend her enthusiastically.

    Becky S.
    Dog Training Classes

Dog Training Class Registration

Payment and completed form are due to reserve your place in class. Space is limited!

Read through all the policies listed above before registering. All sales are final.

Note: The link to access the Photo and Video Release (optional), Code of Conduct, and Release of Liability is included in the email you’ll receive after submitting this form.

Once you’ve submitted this form and completed your payment you’ll receive an email with important reminders and detailed class location information.

Make sure to **Add to your Safe Sender list**.

Questions? Email

Payment Options
Check above for amount due — Prices vary based on series. All prices posted are the discounted Venmo, Zelle, or Cash price. Note: Paying by cash is only available for returning clients.

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  • Interested in paying by Credit Card? Include this preference under ‘Is there anything else F&P should know (about your dog)?’ and I’ll be in touch to coordinate payment.

I can’t wait to meet you and your dog!

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New Paws on the Block™ Series (Puppy Class)Manners 101Beyond BasicsPup Crawl About TownFitness Classes with My DogPersonal TrainingPrivate Dog Training

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