Summer Safety Tips for Your Dog

Summertime, and the living is easy. School is out, vacations are booked, and BBQs and beach days planned,

When you’re getting ready to enjoy these activities, don’t forget to take extra precautions for your pets by following these summer safety tips for your dog.

6 Summer Safety Tips for Your Dog:

Food and Drink

Pack enough clean, cool water for you and your dog and don’t forget the bowl! Like us, water helps regulate your dog’s temperature and they can easily get overheated, especially when playing, running, and hiking. Of course they’ll also appreciate a good snack for all those extra calories they’ve burned off so throw a few dog treats in your bag. Just make sure to keep any toxic or human-only food/meals securely stowed away and avoid foods and drinks that will attract bees. For a list of food toxic to dogs, visit [COMING SOON].

Dog Bug Repellent

Dog can attract mosquitoes just like us. Prevent your dog’s appeal by using bug repellent such as pennyroyal or citronella rubbed into a bandanna and tie it around your dog’s neck.

Hot Sun

Dogs can get sunburned too! Use a dog-friendly sunblock to protect them. Key areas are their nose and belly. Also don’t take them onto hot surfaces. Unsure? Place the back of your palm to the ground and if it’s too hot for you to hold it there for 3 seconds, it’s too hot for your dog’s feet.

Alcohol Precautions

Among the list of many things toxic and potentially fatal to dogs is alcohol. Keep the beer and other alcohol unavailable (have designated recycling bins) and high off the ground. Spills happen!


Dogs and fireworks don’t go well together. Though they are fun to us, to our beloved pets they are simply loud explosions. Naturally, this terrifies them and they want to run and hide. Because of this, animal shelters nationwide become inundated ‘lost’ dogs. In the best circumstances their owner find them there, or is contacted using the information assigned to their pet’s microchip, and there’s a happy reunion. There’s a lot of crying because, well, it is an wonderful end to a potentially bad situation.

Interested in my dog and fireworks safety tips? Visit

Microchip Your Pets

Perhaps you forget to put your dog’s collar on after a bath and then they run past your guest when they open the door. Whatever the case, dogs with loving homes accidentally get out and end up in shelters all of the time, and honestly they are lucky to be at a shelter (momentarily). They are safe from the streets and are ready to be found. Of course reuniting with them is much quicker and easier with one, small simple thing: a microchip. Many shelters offer this service for as low as $25. Remember to always keep your information up-to-date.

With a little planning, you can have a fantastic summer with your pet and keep everyone safe. Share your plans to have fun while staying safe on my Facebook Page

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