I am a dog and fitness trainer based in Los Angeles, CA and would love to help you reach your dog obedience and/or fitness goals.

In person and online options available.

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    What People Are Saying

    • Tracy is fantastic! We took her intro training group class and had her over for private training as well to address our dog’s fear of being in the car. I don’t know where we’d be without her. Our pup has learned a ton and so have we. And we all have a lot more confidence and capability now to keep learning! We would definitely recommend for new pup owners and anyone who wants to deepen their relationship with their dog.

      Taylor D.
      Private Dog Training
    • We always have such a great time at class. My dog and I take Tracy’s fitness class whenever we can. It’s such a brilliant idea: my dog gets to run around and get lots of energy out (always the plight of the dog owner), and I get a great work out on top of everything too. The biggest thing holding me back from exercising was having to leave my dog at home, problem solved!

      Monica S.
      Fitness Classes With Your Dog
    • Tracy is an experienced and thoughtful personal trainer. She tailors my workouts to fit my needs while adding variety and fun to our sessions. Her instructions are clear and exercises highly effective. She makes me feel cared for, supports me in my goals, and motivates me to continue training. I have benefited greatly from her expertise and dedication.

      Marina B.
      Personal Training
    • Tracy is very intuitive and knowledgeable with dogs. We took a beginning class with our recently adopted rescue pit-mix. She was able to help us stamp out our dog’s anxiety and respond to simple commands at the end of the course. Practicing consistently during the week is key. Highly recommended.

      Julie T.
      Dog Training Classes
    • Tracy was well prepared, understanding, and considerate towards the individual dogs’ needs. Additionally, I appreciated how she was actively responsible and looked after our pack on the trail. She would politely notify people who off-leashed their dogs (of unknown disposition and training) that some of our dogs may not react well. I felt Tracy would be good at managing bad situations should they arise, and would trust her to keep the pack safe. Thank you, Tracy!

      Jennifer W.
      Pack Walks
    • Fantastic class. I’m always looking for activities in which I can participate with my four-legged child. Tracy has a great approach, calm presence, and positive attitude. Love the balance of activities and my muscles tell me I’m getting a solid workout too. Thank you, Tracy!

      Fitness Classes With Your Dog
    • We have been attending Tracy’s obedience class with our young dog since he was five months old. (2+ months). Tracy is amazing with a wide variety of dogs, patient, methodical, and has helped us in many ways, large and small. She definitely has the touch and is able to explain so many small things that need adjustment between the human and the canine. We are getting results with our rambunctious puppy and I’m grateful for her talent, kindness and helpful class. We recommend her enthusiastically.

      Becky S.
      Dog Training Classes

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