Private Dog Training

Private Dog Training

Are You…

Getting a puppy or adopting a rescue dog?
Looking to improve your dog's manners?
Wanting to help your dog overcome their fear, anxieties, and/or aggression?
Expecting a baby and need to prepare your dog?
Dog Sitting

Does Your Dog…

Pull on its leash?
Bark incessantly?
Dash out the door?
Chew on your favorite shoes?
Have house-training accidents?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, private dog training might be perfect for you!

Benefits of Private Dog Training

Focus on Your Specific Goals
Establish Good Habits
Communicate Clearly with your Dog
Build Problem Solving Skills
Address and Curb Unwanted Behaviors
Strengthen Your Bond

Why Private Dog Training with Feet & Paws?


Your time is important! Personalized sessions are scheduled at a time and location convenient to you, whether in your home, at a nearby park, or even online.


Treatment plans focus on positive reinforcement and utilize your dog’s natural drives, such as food and praise, to teach desired behaviors and eliminate unwanted ones.


With over 10 years experience training dogs, Tracy has worked with a variety of breeds & temperaments, from puppies to shy, fearful, and reactive dogs. Learn more.

What are you waiting for?

Get started today!

How to Get Started

1. Request Consultation

Fill out the consultation request form to tell me about your and/or your dog’s training needs and goals.

2. Schedule Consultation

During your free phone consultation, Tracy will discuss scheduling your in-person or online consultation.

3. Complete Payment

Confirm your in-person or online private dog training consultation using my secure online store, Venmo, or Zelle.

Private Dog Training Prices

  • A consultation is required for all new clients and prices are tiered according to your dog’s behavior level
  • Prices shown are for payments made with cash, Venmo, Zelle, or check
  • Paying full price by credit card is available at my online store
  • All consultations & sessions occur in your home or at a convenient outdoor location
  • Purchased consultations, sessions, and packages expire one year after purchase
Ask about my private & group dog training bundle discount!
This time together allows me to gather information about you and your dog, demonstrate the foundations of my dog training techniques, advise you on what changes should be made to create clear and fair structure for your dog, and share what tools should be integrated to set you and your dog up for success. I will also determine your dog’s behavior level and from here we will decide how many personalized training sessions will help you reach your training goals. Pre-payment using Venmo, Zelle, or the Online Store (credit/debit) required.
Consultation (90 min) $150
Teaching desired behaviors like sit, down, stay, loose leash walking, potty training, and addressing unwanted behaviors like play barking, nipping, and jumping.
1 Session (60 min) $120
3 Session Package (60 min/session) $330 ($110/session — $10 discount/session)
6 Session Package (60 min/session) $600 ($100/session — $20 discount/session)
Infrequent but still worrisome displays of unwanted, potentially dangerous behavior. This includes isolated growling, lunging, snapping, or nipping events caused by mild social issues, uncertainties, sensitivities, and/or nervousness.
1 Session (60 min) $145
3 Session Package (60 min/session) $405 ($135/session — $10 discount/session)
6 Session Package (60 min/session) $750 ($125/session — $20 discount/session)
Treatment for dogs that have caused a grave impact, either psychological or physical, to themselves, you, and/or a third party. In these cases they are often isolated from other dogs, children or other family members, the public, and perhaps even you because of their reactivity and unexpected high liability behavioral displays.
1 Session (60 min) $170
3 Session Package (60 min/session) $480 ($160/session — $10 discount/session)
6 Session Package (60 min/session) $900 ($150/session — $20 discount/session)

In-Person Private Dog Training Service Area

Feet & Paws’ in-person private dog training service area includes:

Culver City

Santa Monica


Marina del Rey

Beverly Hills

Mid-City Los Angeles

West Hollywood


Downtown Los Angeles

Any other areas highlighted in the map

I might be able to help you with your dog training needs if you are outside these areas, but travel fees may apply.

Interested in online private dog training? Request a consultation below and I’ll be in touch.

In the Media

What People Are Saying

  • I have taken both private and group dog training classes with Tracy, and I LOVE her patient and positive training style. She is a highly effective and knowledgeable trainer of both dogs and their humans! Her safety tips are invaluable. For me the most important thing was to learn dog behavior and communication so that I will know how to help and train my dog in any situation, not just how to get him to sit. I love Tracy’s way of teaching from the dog’s perspective, so we can continue to deepen our understanding and bond. She shows how any dog can be trained with positive reinforcement.

    Sara L.
  • We hired Tracy to teach us and our 8-week old puppy basic training skills, obedience and potty training. Tracy is fantastic and has an amazing way with dogs: effective, yet gentle. We knew nothing about dogs (first puppy) and we came a long way in just a few sessions and have also decided to sign up for her group classes to continue improving our dog’s socialization skills. Highly recommended!

    Lucrecia S.
    Private Dog Training & Dog Training Classes
  • Tracy’s great. We had a few lessons and they were always fun and informative. She was awesome with my dogs and gave us lots of training advice. Our walks are much more enjoyable now and we’re even going on Tracy’s pack hikes!

    Diane H.
    Private Dog Training
  • Tracy is fantastic! We took her intro training group class and had her over for private training as well to address our dog’s fear of being in the car. I don’t know where we’d be without her. Our pup has learned a ton and so have we. And we all have a lot more confidence and capability now to keep learning! We would definitely recommend for new pup owners and anyone who wants to deepen their relationship with their dog.

    Taylor D.
    Private Dog Training
  • After getting our second dog, we realized that we needed some help. While our first dog was already trained, our new dog, Otto, was a door dasher, guarded the couch, and pulled and was slightly reactive on leash. It was making life a bit impossible. We had Tracy over for a few sessions and she showed us a variety of different tricks to try. She took the time to explain and demonstrate things and, after we had some time to practice, it finally started to click for me and Otto. Life is a lot easier now! We even make it out to Tracy’s fitness class sometimes. We both have a great time. Thanks Tracy!

    Shiri G.
    Fitness Classes With Your Dog & Private Dog Training
  • Very patient and helpful with showing us what to do. My pup loved it when Tracy would come over to help him learn something new.

    Regina R.
    Private Dog Training
  • We had a great experience with Tracy, our trainer. We have a 5 year old Tara (Lab/Shepherd mix) and she was rescued from a shelter. She is very aggressive with other animals so it is very tough to take her out on walks and we do that very late at night when no one is around. Tracy gave us a lot of pointers and helped us every class to get Tara to listen to us and follow our cues. This program is great anyone who can follow simple instructions. I would highly recommend Tracy.

    Preethi T.
    Private Dog Training
  • Tracy is awesome! We love her and she’s teaching us so much!

    Niv T.
    Private Dog Training
  • Tracy is a wonderful trainer! We learned so much that after we had a few private lessons to work on our dog’s basics, my wife and I started bringing our terrier to Tracy’s fitness classes. It was a wonderful class filled with open minded people and a highly trained instructor. I would recommend Feet & Paws to anyone.

    Mike W.
    Fitness Classes With Your Dog & Private Dog Training
  • After taking a few Feet & Paws Fitness workout classes with my dog, I decided to sign up for a couple private lessons with Tracy to work on some issues we were having, (like pulling on the leash, etc). She came over for a few sessions and was very patient showing us what to do. It’s been especially great because she continues to help us with those specific issues whenever we’re at the group fitness classes. Gretchen has shown a lot of improvement since we’ve been working more closely with Tracy. I’m really glad we signed up for the private training. Highly recommend.

    Melissa C.
    Fitness Classes With Your Dog & Private Dog Training
  • My husband and I are seniors, though I hate to admit that. Our energy does not match our desires. At the end of May we adopted two 8 week-old Daschund puppies, both from the same litter. We soon discovered that our big hearts took on more challenges than we had expected. I have had Daschunds all my life; but forgot the responsibilities that go with training puppies..and two brothers at that. Working with Tracy has saved the day and saved my marriage. My husband’s memory is not what it was (a retired ER doc) and he will forget some of the guidelines that we are given at the end of each session. Tracy understands and is patient and always loving and kind, with us and our pups. Albeit slow, we are getting it. Tracy is actually training all four of us to be reliable and consistent. We love her and appreciate that she patiently shares her expertise with us. This will take time, but we are in it for the long haul (Private lessons work best for us)!

    Linda M.
    Private Dog Training
  • Our dog training sessions were so helpful. They gave me a great foundation for training Sparkie. Walking him on a leash has already become much better after implementing some of the things Tracy taught us. We’ve decided to do some personal training with her too and not only have we both lost weight, but my dog and I are now enjoying working out together! Thanks so much Tracy!

    Joe J.
    Private Dog Training & Personal Training
  • We had two private training lessons with Tracy for my pooch. He is picking up and progressing very well. Tracy is great at connecting with dog and owners. She is excellent at explaining both dog and human reactions to training methods.

    Geneen A.
    Private Dog Training
  • Tracy is such a joy to work with! She helped my dog, Shadow, progress tremendously in the short time we trained together! Tracy really knows her stuff! She does a wonderful job of incorporating props and obstacles to help challenge your dog. Tracy really takes her time in breaking down each step of the training process, maximizing results, and making training sessions enjoyable and informative. I highly recommend Tracy and Feet & Paws to anyone interested in having a well behaved and fun dog!

    Dillon B.
    Private Dog Training
  • Tracy helped us with our 11 month Lab who needed guidance with leash walking and recalls. We like Tracy’s style of positive reinforcement instead of using a remote collar to shock our dogs, which was used with another trainer. Our Lab would shut down with the collar. Tracy uses treats to show the dog a positive experience. We booked a few sessions and have decided to extend and start training with our new 4 month old puppy.

    Diane C.
    Private Dog Training

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