Retractable Leash Dangers

Walking Berlin is the highlight of my day. It is a stress reliever for me, exercise for both of us and great bonding time with my best buddy. Berlin easily heals by my side and in turn I let her periodically have the reigns and sniff freely, no more than the length of our 6ft nylon leash or Illumiseen light up leash of course. Where she wants to sniff (with in reason), we go. When the walk needs to resume I say, “leave it”, she listens and we’re off.

We never leave the house without our leash..but I would never use a retractable leash. Why?

Control. There is a significant lack of control. This is first illustrated in the “retractable” element. How do you recall your dog if you have allowed him/her to explore at the length of the leash? Some are up to 26 feet long! The leash does not retract unless there is slack, and yet owners often use these leashes to allow their dog freedom to explore farther..and..farther away from them. The second is illustrated in the handle. It does not allow to securely hold the leash. There are grip alternatives but, like the other versions, you would not be able to grip the spaghetti sized retracting leash element in an emergency without risking injury.

Most dog trainers hate retractable leashes, including myself.



Bulldog - Dangers o Retractable Leash Your dog is significantly in front or behind you and a car is coming out of a driveway.

Should you frantically reach for and pull the 15+ feet of potentially slack leash until your dog gets abruptly pulled away from the car?

What if you run quickly enough away from the car to get your dog out of harms way?

Will you actually have enough time and thought to do anything that will prevent your dog from getting run over?


Border Collie - Dangers o Retractable LeashYour dog is dramatically out in front of you and a dog comes around the corner. Your dog is friendly but the other dog is pulling toward your dog and will get to them before you. Is that dog aggressive? Could be.

You can’t gain control of all of the leash’s buttons and knobs and you accidentally let go. Are the dogs getting along, is the other dog chasing your dog or vice versa. Will someone, even your dog get bit or bite?

What will you do? What can you do?

These are just two possibilities but there are endless examples and the risks definitely out way any advantages.

Watch my video on how to properly hold your dog’s leash below and if you’d like to gain control of your walks, consider private dog training sessions with me.

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