Light Up Dog Leash and Collar — Get Out And Be Safe With Your Dog

I adopted Berlin, a Belgian Malinois (Mal-in-wah) mix, from the North Central L.A. Animal Shelter in July 2010. She is a constant loving light in my life. She inspires me to be at peace, enjoy the present, and to get out!

Berlin and I walk for 20 minutes twice a day. Our evening walk is even replaced with a run several times a week. It is a bonding activity that we both enjoy. Of course, these activities also keep us healthy, and for me, away from tempting snacks at home. We are truely earning our dinner!

When we started to venture into the neighborhood for these outings, I quickly learned that I need to make it activity for the both of us. With cars blowing STOP signs and others edging up through cross walks, the streets/sidewalks are a danger zone for pedestrians. This is why I have purchased a light up dog leash to increase our visibility.

Dog Training — Berlin Rolling Over

Light Up Dog Leash and Other Night Safety Equipment Options

There are many options out there and we combine the use of several different ones.

I wear:

Reflective Vest

I chose a reflective vest years ago. It has an identification card on the inside so I don’t carry an I.D.. Lets be honest, I would just lose it!

Now there are some awesome battery charged led options.

See Reflective Option On Amazon

See LED Option On Amazon

My dog wears:

Reflective Vest

I chose this reflective vest quite a few years ago. It has some zipped pockets for potty bags and treats.

Now there are some awesome battery charged led options.

See Reflective Option On Amazon

Reflective Running Visor

Sadly the exact one I ordered is no longer available, but there are plenty others you’ll see suggested on it’s Amazon page

See On Amazon

Energizer Clips

I attach 3 of these to my dog’s reflective vest with safety pins

See On Amazon

Light Up Dog Leash

It now comes in 4 or 6 feet

See On Amazon

Light Up Dog Leash On Berlin

No matter the items, everyone should use precaution when outside after dark, with or without a dog.

Not an evening goes by that I don’t get complimented on our attire, especially our light up dog leash.

Cars have even pulled over to commend on its use, most likely because the driver appreciated the chance to see us in the dark streets. I love that it increases our visibility to this extent. Of course, it also helps that Berlin knows how to heal because the LED lights can be sensitive and the leash’s handle is similar to a retractable leash. (Want to read the dangers of retractable leashes? -READ HERE-)

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