A Team Preparing at Surf City Surf Dog

Hot (And Really Cool) Dogs at Surf City Surf Dog® at Huntington Dog Beach

Summertime and the livin’ is easy. Fish are jumpin’. .and so are the dogs especially at the Surf City Surf Dog® Competition Weekend!

But before I talk about this fun event in more detail, let’s talk about visiting the beach with your dog.

Berlin absolutely loves the sand. She loves to sprint back and forth and dig a hole on either side of her self imposed track.  This works out well since I love to sunbath at the beach. So what could be better than combining the two?

So, as many times as we can each Summer, we load up the car and head down to Huntington Dog Beach, the home of Surf City Surf Dog®. This well maintained one mile stretch of beach where your dog can roam and romp off leash, is a rare treat along the SoCal coast. There are a few rules to follow and you should NOT bring a dog that is new to you (one that you have had for less than 6 months).

Find out more at http://www.dogbeach.org/ and for a list of the complete rules visit http://www.dogbeach.org/Dog_Beach_Rules.html

Berlin at Surf City Surf Dog

Huntington Dog Beach: Getting There & What To Bring

Huntington Dog Beach
Goldenwest Street and PCH
Huntington Beach, CA


For those exposed bellies, noses, etc


I bring a “Quick Shelter” I got from Costco a few years ago. It looks something likes this Quick Shelter from Amazon


If I haven’t said so already, I love the Gulpie, an easy way to bring water for Berlin and myself!


A good variety to reward your dog for good behavior and keep their attention and energy up


In case the sand is not too hot for their paw pads, which are susceptible to burning

Surf City Surf Dog® Competition Weekend at Huntington Dog Beach

Surf City Surf Dog

Of course since this is SoCal, where Summer weather extends long into Fall, it’s the ideal setting for the annual Surf City Surf Dog® at Huntington Dog Beach. These 3 Days of Doggone Fun are free to view or spectate and a portion of the proceeds benefit various animal rescue groups. 

Register for a contest, take a lesson, or cheer on the competitors. Just make sure to bring water and sunblock for you and your dog (they can get sunburned too) as well as some shade (pop-up tent, beach umbrella, etc). Treats and booties couldn’t hurt too!

For more information visit https://surfdogevents.com/surf-city-surf-dog-

Opportunities and events can include:

Opening Ceremony
surFUR expo
Dog is Beachin’ Fashion Show
Yappy Hour & Pooch Party
Red Carpet With Puparazzi
Costume Contest & Owner Look-a-Like Contest
Surfing Dog Competition
Surf Dog Lessons
Pawabunga Costume Contest

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