L.A. River Fun Run — New Years Resolutions With Your Dog

New Years Resolutions With Your Dog

It’s nearly April! This means we’re not only fully into Spring, but it’s also an ideal moment to check in on those well-intentioned  promises you made to yourself nearly three months ago (time flies!). OR, if you’re like me, you will take this time of rebirth and rejuvenation to set a few better-late-than-never New Years Resolutions with your dog.

In hopes of inspiring you to check-in or create resolutions of your own, here are my personal goals for the remainder of this year..and beyond.


Help Berlin master some new behaviors, like “Bow” and “Roll-Over”


Complete an obstacle course race..that I’ll train for with my best girl Berlin of course


Fill in gaps regarding Berlin’s health and wellness — This is the big one

Looking for a dog friendly race as one of your New Years Resolutions with your dog?

At any point in there year there is most likely a dog-friendly race.
For a complete list, visit my Dog Friendly Los Angeles page.

Dog Friendly Los Angeles

Here’s Berlin showing off our finisher’s medal at one of our favorites, L.A. River Fun Run, which supported the Friends of the Los Angeles River.

berlin la river fun run — New Years Resolution with Your Dog

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