Life Without A Dog Is An Incomplete Life

An incomplete life is one without dogs.

The loneliest time in my life was when I did not have a dog to come home to each day. I was away at college and my dog, Ginger, was comfortably at home.  After a long day in class, I would walk through the door to an empty apartment, no one there to greet me with a briskly wagging tail.

The simple act of their human coming home is the highlight of a dogs day (outside of those morning & evening walks). They are ecstatic just to see you and they can make the stress, anxiety, and sometimes sadness of your day melt away with just one small wag. They love unconditionally, no matter your wealth, weight or position.

I attribute my health, both mental and physical to the dogs I have loved. I dedicate this blog to them. They have inspired me to stop and enjoy the present. They have encouraged me to get off the couch and walk. They have brought a smile to my face in the darkest of days. Their loss left me heartbroken and empty and yet I wouldn’t give up a minute of my time with them.

Sandy, November 13, 1984- August 5, 2000

Ginger (pictured), September 15, 2001 – March 5, 2013

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