driving cross country with a dog arches national park

KONGsicle Receipe Guide

What are your dog’s daily needs? Sleep, eat, and activity, right? If your dog is not getting enough of any one of these things, they could become anxious, depressed, or even destructive due to boredom. I’m guessing if you’re reading this, they probably exhibit one if not all of these behaviors already (or maybe you just want to try a fun new activity for your dog which is a fabulous idea!).

So, why not prevent/address the problem and make them a KONGsicle!

I’m in! What’s a KONGsicle? A Kong is a nontoxic, highly durable, and all natural rubber food puzzle toy that is made in the U.S. It comes in various sizes and will satiate your dog’s natural desire to hunt and gnaw because of it’s unpredictable bounce and nearly indestructbile material.

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