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5 Impulse Control Games For Dogs

A key to dog training is teaching your dog impulse control. Of course your dog wants to scarf down their food the second it’s placed down, but they have to learn to wait until you release them to eat.

The same should apply to getting on their leash on prior to exiting your home.

Invite your dog to sit on their place (Berlin has a small rug close to the front door). They have to sit there until the leash is hooked to their collar AND they are released. If you’re not incorporating both or either of these exercises into your dog’s day-to-day routine, I invite you try to add them (Of course, if you need help, feel free to reach out to me for private dog training sessions).

Also, impulse control is important for us to use in regards to our dogs and rewards, both food and praise. Too easily, we can give excess treats and positive attention, and sometimes without cause. Invite your dog to do something (or a few a set of down’s or sit’s) to earn a treat or a belly rub. Make sure to adjust his/her meals as needed, accounting for the additional calories from the treats. On the flip side, if you’re not in the habit of giving your dog treats, ask yourself what little goody you allow yourself here and there as a reward for even small accomplishments like say, making it to Friday or cleaning up the house. I bet there is something you do for yourself, whether its a special snack or a new pair of shoes. It’s ok for your dog to get a little something too, if they earn it.

And lastly, having control does not mean you can’t have fun! Make sure that you (and your dog) are enjoying the process. We (dogs and humans) are creatures of habit. Let’s just make those habits good ones!

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