By: feetandpaws

Love Them, So Leash Them. Keep Your Dog On Leash. Always.
July 19, 2018

A 6 ft. nylon leash may not seem like much, but it can be a life saver. This is why Feet &... Read More
Berlin In Her Car Harness
Safest Way To Drive With Your Dog
June 18, 2018

A flapping tongue, windswept ears, and playful glimmer in their eyes. There is nothing like seeing a dog stick their head... Read More
Dogs and Foxtails Don't Mix
Protecting Your Dog From Foxtails — Looks Are Deceiving
May 18, 2018

Dogs and Foxtails Dogs: Our amazing four legged friends of course. Foxtails: One of our dogs’ biggest enemies. This weedy grass is... Read More
NKLA Adoption Weekend
NKLA Adoption Weekend
April 18, 2018

Interested in adding a new member to your family? Then mark your calendars because you won’t want to miss NKLA Adoption... Read More
Dog in Cone of Shame After Cancer Diagnosis
Cancer In Dogs: For Us, A Little Bump And A Big Scare
February 28, 2018

Trigger Warning: This post is about cancer in dogs. Though there are more white hairs on her snout and we run... Read More
Berlin Happy Running Dog
Extra Extra: Learn How to Become a Dog!
December 19, 2017

Recently Berlin and I were hanging out with my friend’s four year old daughter, Brie. Very definitively, Brie looked at Berlin’s... Read More
Feliz Navidad 5k (formerly Christmas 2 Give 5k)
Feliz Navidad 5k (formerly Christmas 2 Give 5k)
November 19, 2017

One of my favorite things to do heading into the holiday season is train for a holiday run/walk or two. It's... Read More
Counting Calories…for your dog?
October 19, 2017

Yes! It is important to know how many calories your dog should eat every day and make sure they are getting... Read More
Light Up Dog Leash and Collar — Get Out And Be Safe With Your Dog
August 19, 2017

I adopted Berlin, a Belgian Malinois (Mal-in-wah) mix, from the North Central L.A. Animal Shelter in July 2010. She is a... Read More
Getting Back On Track — Tracy and Berlin at Race to the Rescues
Easy Ways To Lose Weight For You And Your Dog
June 8, 2017

Eat. Sleep. Work. Workout. Repeat. Days are full and sometimes it's hard to fit everything in. I am guilty of this... Read More