Summer Furry Fun at the Beach! Dogs Welcome!

feetandpawsfitness_berlin_beach-01Summertime and the living is easy. Fish are jumpin' . .and so are the dogs!

Berlin absolutely loves the sand. She loves to sprint back and forth and dig a hole on either side of her self imposed track.  This works out well since I love to sunbath at the beach. So what could be better than combining the two!

We load up the car and head down to Huntington Dog Beach ( as many times as we can each Summer.

Remember dogs can get sunburned too so bring:

- Sunscreen (to apply to those exposed bellies, etc)

- Shade (I bring a "Quick Shelter" I got from Costco a few years ago. It looks something likes this Quick Shelter from Amazon)

-Water/Treats (If I haven't said so already, I love the Gulpie, an easy way to bring water for Berlin and myself!

-Booties (in case the sand is not too hot for their paw pads)

There are a few rules you asked to follow at the Dog Beach ( and you should NOT bring a dog that is new to you (one that you have had for less than 6 months) to the Dog Beach.

I'll conclude this entry by sharing this fantastic video from NKLA (No Kill Los Angeles), a group committed to making Los Angeles a No Kill City, where all adoptable pets will be saved/adopted! This great piece features Kristin Bauer van Straten from TrueBlood and her Best Friend, Asher...


Check out NKLA (!