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Want to get in shape, build muscle, or just improve your ability to perform everyday tasks? Looking to train for a 10k, half marathon, or marathon? Customized personal training sessions with Feet & Paws* will guide and push you to reach your health and fitness goals.

Our one on one or small group personal training sessions are 30 or 60 minutes and, for those in and around Los Angeles, can take place in your home or at a nearby park. Interested in our fitness classes with your dog?

Not local to Los Angeles? We can arrange a Skype call, Google Hangout, or FaceTime! Oh and they can also include your dog! By incorporating dog obedience skills and tricks, this special Feet & Paws feature, can help your dog behave better (a tired dog is a good dog), improve impulse control, and increase their strength, endurance and flexibility.

You can find out more about me under, "Meet the Trainer", as well as read what some of my clients have to say about my services below.

*Feet & Paws is a Westside Los Angeles based company that offers personal training, which can include your dog too, as well as dog training classes, private dog training, and group fitness classes for you and your dog (in Santa Monica). Find out more about these classes at

What Our Students Have To Say

I’ve been working with Tracy for over six months now and have seen so many changes in my body. I’m more strong and flexible. She’s really fantastic at what she does!


Personal Training

What’s better than spending time with you dog and getting fit at the same time? Tracy is a great trainer that really listens to her clients, and is also very intuitive with the dogs. It makes for a fun time while working out your muscles! I was worried that my less than perfectly obedient dog would be disruptive, but Tracy always had great training tips while still engaging me in the workout. Highly recommend.

Lorna & Huey

Fitness Classes with Your Dog

Just had 2 lesson with my pooch with Tracy He is picking up and progressing very well. Tracy is connecting with dog and owners. She been excellent in explaining both dog and human reactions to training methods.

Feet and Paws: Dog Training, Personal Training, and Fitness Classes with Your Dog

Geneen & Tiger

Private Dog Training

I liked how Tracy was well prepared, understanding, and considerate towards the individual dogs’ needs. Additionally, I appreciated how she was actively responsible and looked after our pack on the trail. She would politely notify people who off-leashed their dogs (of unknown disposition and training) that some of our dogs may not react well. I felt Tracy would be good at managing bad situations should they arise, and would trust her to keep the pack safe. Thank you, Tracy!

Jennifer Wu

Pack Walk Meetup

I find that Tracy is a wealth of knowledge, when it comes to dogs and what their needs are. We had a lot of fun and was very sore the next day. Can’t wait for our next class!

Feet and Paws: Dog Training, Personal Training, and Fitness Classes with Your Dog

JW C. & Sasha

Fitness Classes with Your Dog

Tracy has really helped me so much. I’ve not only lost weight since starting to train with her, but I’m actually enjoying working out!


Personal Training

I’m learning new ways to train my dog in behaviors and we both love the exercise. My dog is more attentive to commands and my muscles hurt in a good way.

Feet and Paws: Dog Training, Personal Training, and Fitness Classes with Your Dog

Mel & Linus

Fitness Classes with Your Dog

After getting our second dog, we realized that we needed some help. While our first dog was already trained, our new dog, Otto, was a door dasher, guarded the couch, and pulled and was slightly reactive on leash. It was making life a bit impossible. We had Tracy over for a few sessions and she showed us a variety of different tricks to try. She took the time to explain and demonstrate things and, after we had some time to practice, it finally started to click for me and Otto. Life is a lot easier now! We even make it out to Tracy’s fitness class sometimes. We both have a great time. Thanks Tracy!

Shiri G. & Otto

Private Dog Training

Awesome trainer! She shows me each exercise so I do it correctly, shares great nutritional tips and set up a program that I can easily fit into my schedule. Highly recommend!

Matthew W.

Personal Training

My dog and I took a few Feet & Paws workout classes before deciding to sign up for a couple private lessons with Tracy to work on some issues we were having, (like pulling on the leash, etc). She came over for a few sessions and was very patient showing us what to do. It’s been especially great because she continues to help us with those specific issues whenever we’re at the fitness classes. Gretchen has shown a lot of improvement since we’ve been working more closely with Tracy. I’m really glad we signed up for the private training. Highly recommend.

Melissa C. & Chicken

Private Dog Training

Irwin and I love going to class together! We bond while getting in a workout. It’s the best!

Feet and Paws: Dog Training, Personal Training, and Fitness Classes with Your Dog

Cathy & Irwin

Fitness Classes with Your Dog

I love Tracy’s commitment to my baby’s enjoyment and safety. There’s a good balance and variety of activities for both of us and a positive energy. We have mentioned the class to several people. It’s a great idea and we’re so glad we found the group!

JR & A

Fitness Classes with Your Dog

What a wonderful way to combine obedience training and personal training!

My wife and I brought our terrier here and it was a wonderful class filled with open minded people and a highly trained instructor. I would recommend this to anyone.

Feet and Paws: Dog Training, Personal Training, and Fitness Classes with Your Dog

Mike W. & Otis

Fitness Classes with Your Dog

Feet and Paws is such a great idea! Gives you a chance to get out, get moving and while also getting your pet out for some exercise too! Tracy who runs it really knows what she’s doing!

Feet and Paws: Dog Training, Personal Training, and Fitness Classes with Your Dog

Shane K.

Official Photographer

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Feet & Paws' Service Area includes: Culver City, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Beverlywood, Mid-City and any other areas shown below (additional fees may apply if located outside of these areas):

Feet and Paws_Private Dog Training_Service Map

Payments can be made with cash, check, paypal, or venmo.

Phone Consultation Complimentary

Optional for all new clients. Get to know me and ask any questions about the available personal training package options. In turn, I get to know you, your fitness level and performance goals. Together we decide if it seems like a good match before continuing on to the in-person consultation and personal training session(s).

In-Person Consultation +
1st 30 Minute Session
Complimentary with purchase of personal training package.

In-person consultation required for all new clients. During this time together I gather information about you, your health history, and fitness goals. This allows me to craft personalized sessions that will fit your training needs and help you achieve your goals. It also provides you the opportunity to ask any additional questions you may have about personal training with me. If your dog will also be involved in your sessions, we will go over their information as well (current up-to-date vaccine records will need to be provided).

This consultation, bundled and completed on the same day as your first 30 minute personal training session, is complimentary with purchase of personal training package. If you decide not to purchase a personal training package, the consultation plus 30 minute session is $50.

4 Hour Package* $340 ($85/hour)
8 Hour Package* $600 ($75/hour)
12 Hour Package* $780 ($65/hour)

*All in-person sessions are 60 minutes. Online sessions can be 30 or 60 minutes.

Packages expire one year after purchase.

For the same price, sessions can be made into a small group training, which can include up to 3 additional people, space permitting.

Dog Trainer_Personal Fitness Trainer_LosAngeles_tracy-James

From the start we had a lot in common: a lack of coordination, the need to put our mouths on everything, and an inability to hold our bladders. Needless to say, my bond with Sandy (named after the dog in Annie), was immediate. All jokes aside, she was my best friend for sixteen years and our friendship inspired my love of animals.

It wasn't until my third year of college, and far from the unconditional support of Ginger, my family's next four-legged family member, that I discovered my interest in health and fitness. I started walking on a regular basis to get away from the computer and relieve stress. Having never been very physically active in the past, I was surprised to find I enjoyed walking so much that, in time, I started walking longer and faster, eventually progressing to running. Over summer break, I kept the momentum and walked and ran with Ginger. It was so wonderful taking control of my well-being with my best friend who was also benefiting from activity.

As I transitioned into the working world, I never lost sight of the impact and joy animals and activity brought to my life. Not yet able to have my own dog (darn you work schedule!), I began volunteering at a local city shelter. I quickly gained respect as an experienced, trustworthy dog handler and even taught other volunteers how to handle and train the shelter dogs. It was both heart breaking and tremendously rewarding work.

Then, in 2010, I had transitioned into another profession and couldn't take living without a dog a second longer. So, I finally adopted my own dog from the shelter, a beautiful Belgian Malinois mix, Berlin. At this same time my fitness regime had progressed and I was participating in full and half marathons. Soon my favorite part about participating in a race was not crossing the finish line but training with my best buddy. Berlin and I have even walked and ran in several 5Ks and 10Ks together.

All of this made me realize I wanted to help others have it all too. So, I earned by dog training and fitness instruction certifications and now combine and share these skills in the various services that Feet & Paws Fitness offers. It is such an honor helping people and their dogs be healthy and happy together.

*For great bios, photos, and videos of the wonderful animals available for adoption at North Central Shelter visit

or for a list of the animals from all six L.A. Animal Service Shelters visit

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