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Want to train & workout with your dog anywhere?

Snowing outside? Heatwave dragging on? Crazy work schedule? Don't fret. My online training videos invite you to combine your home workout with fun dog training exercises, anywhere, anytime.

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Intended for every dog and dog parent*, my videos can help you:

  • Improve your dog's obedience skills
  • Increase your strength, stamina, and flexibility together
  • Strength your bond as a team
  • Teach your dog new tricks
  • Learn proper form to prevent injury
  • Focus on your fitness goals, liking losing weight and gaining muscle

Plus there is little no equipment needed!

Healthy treats cut into pea-size portions are highly suggested. Make sure to prepare some for your dog too! Hehe.

Don't hesitate. Start today!

*Worry your dog is a little too energetic? Work yourself through the dog training videos first. This could take you a few weeks to months, depending on how consistent you are giving them the opportunity to practice. Then, when your pup is ready, tether them to something nearby, always keeping them supervised, and start integrating the fitness exercises that keep you standing.

Need help getting started? -CONTACT F&P- to arrange a private consultation/training session.


Follow along to the monthly calendar (coming soon) or build your own workout from my growing collection of dog and fitness training videos.

Modifications are provided for both dog and fitness training exercises.

For all of my dog and fitness training videos, visit my YouTube Channel at

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Workout With Your Dog

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Workout With Your Dog

Obedience, strength, and other exercises for you and your dog to enjoy together!

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Videos from our Fitness Classes with Your Dog in Santa Monica, CA