Pets and Fireworks Don't Go Well Together | Feet & Paws
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July 4th Fireworks are FUN..but not for your dog

Feet and Paws_Berlin and Zorro_Protect Your Pets from Fireworks_Pet Safety

July 4th Fireworks are FUN..but not for your dog

Pets and Fireworks

Feet and Paws_Berlin_Pets Firework SafetySummer time is full of BBQs, outdoor concerts, and holiday firework celebrations. It is during this time that there is an unfortunate rise in animals at local shelters because pets and fireworks don't go well together. This is often because pets are scared of the loud festivities and alarming popping noises and run, wherever they can, to avoid them. Now you might think your pet is secured in your bedroom or your yard, but your guests might accidentally let them out. Or, you might forget to close your window when you head out for a party and your dog breaks out.

So, here are some key tips to help keep your pets safe:

Keep Pets Indoors

Preferably in a room without windows, and if having company, in a room that is off-limits to guests where water and food is accessible. Heck, put a sign on the door so people know not to enter! Remember you pet will be scared and looking to run.

Creating Calming Environment

Surround pets with their favorite toys and blankets, play soothing music and keep home as quiet as possible by closing all doors, windows and blinds.

Keep  Pets Away from Fireworks

Even if your pet does not seem obviously upset by fireworks, fireworks themselves can still injure pets.

Microchip your Pet(s)

This is an easy and cheap additional way to help reunite you with your pet if they do get out/lost. LAAS offers microchips to the general public for just $25 per animal. Click HERE for more information on LAAS' microchips.

Update Pets' Identification

Have your pets wear a collar, if not always (though we suggest always), at least when you have company or are out of the house/town. Also, make sure to have the information on their tags and microchip up to date. All pets should have a microchip and all dogs and horses a City License on their collar. Click HERE for more information on LA City Dog Licenses