Pet Safety in Cars

feet-and-paws_dog-trainer_los-angeles_dog-training_pet-safety-in-carsA flapping tongue, windswept ears, there is nothing like seeing a dog sticking their head of of a car window. To them it is bliss. To me it is heartache.

Safety in cars for pets wasn’t something I immediately understood the full extent of, but now that I know the dangers of not properly restraining them in the car, Berlin (and Bagheera, our cat) get belted up every time we go anywhere, even if it’s just a mile away. I mean, statistically most accidents happen close to home and even getting rear-ended at 30 mpg an hour could be fatal for an unrestrained passenger, human or animal.

Now there are lots of options and resources out there about pet safety in cars. Some recommend putting your pet in a crate. Yes, your dog won’t necessarily get free in an accident where the crate is thrown from the vehicle, thus possibly avoiding running off or getting hit by another vehicle. However, in most situations, on a day-to-day basis, the crate is typically left to move around the car/cabin as you’re traveling, or if secured, your pet can be flung around inside of it with every acceleration and braking, let alone a collision. No thanks.

Many companies offer a harness that tethers or clips to a zip line or to a seat belt. With even just one abrupt stop, your pet can be flung forward into the seat or window. Check out the video below for just how this would play out.

Ok, so what should you use? Well for me, once I discovered the research conducted by Center for Pet Safety, including crash tests using dog crash test dummies, I was set on Sleepy Pod and their specific harness and carrier options. Why? Unlike a lot of the other options, there is no tether attached to the harness that gets hooked up to the belt strap. Instead the belt is weaved directly through the harness or pet carrier. It is also a matter of quality. Even a small impact creates a lot of power and the craftsmanship of the product your pet is in is important.

Think about it .. Would you be safe from hitting something, your dashboard, window, or seat in front of you, if you were tethered to the seat belt in your car versus directly tied into it or even worse, not tied into anything at all? Why should this be any different for your pets?

Want to learn more? Check out Berlin and I demonstrating our travel routine using our Sleepy Pod:

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