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Online registration opens Friday, November 17, 2017 at 10am.
Registering for and Offering Housing opens Friday, November 17, 2017 at 10am.

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Offering Housing

Offering Housing = Local Dancers Open Their House to Out-of-Town Dancers

We imagine that offering housing to out-of-town dancers goes all the way back to the first dance workshop, whenever that was in history. It's a kindness that dancers offer to each other around the world.  Of course, there is a first time for everyone (as a guest or host), so we wanted to provide some important tips.

But first, why should YOU offer housing?
Great question! Though offering to host one (or a few) out-of-town dancers does not provide any sort of event registration discount, there are many reasons to offer housing to those coming in for L.A. Blues 2017. Some include:

  • Good Karma. No seriously. A lot of the time, you will definitely have a place to crash if you ever visit the city from which your guest(s) reside. That's a pretty cool bonus, along with the good karma.
  • Connections. We all love a good connection on the dance floor, but it's nice to make new friends off the dance floor as well.

SWEET, I'M IN. Great! Don't forget to register as a host when completing your event registration. You'll be asked some basic questions like: How many dancers you can house. if you have pets, if you can provide transportation (so you're not assigned a guest without a car), and what sleeping space you can offer (bed, cot, floor, etc).

CHANGES? Contact the L. A. Blues Team immediately if you have any changes in your housing arrangements. Or, if you have any guest contact you directly saying (s)he can be crossed off the Need-To-Be-Housed list, please let us know.
Once you have been contacted by the L.A.  Blues Team, contact your guests right away with your:

  • Full Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Cell Phone
  • Home Number
  • Any Pets
  • Basic Policies Regarding: smoking, late night, quiet times, showers, house keys, ride-shares, pick-ups/drop-offs, sleeping arrangements, food, off-limits areas in house, etc.

HOSTING ASSUMPTIONS. Guest dancers only expect a 3' x 6' floor space and a bathroom. Let them know if you provide anything more. Most dancers are used to traveling and they are happy with a floor and a bathroom.

HOUSE RULES. Let your guest(s) know EXPLICITLY what is off-limits (rooms, food, alcohol, etc) and what is fair-game. Put notes on doors, cabinets, rooms, where they can or cannot go. DO NOT ASSUME. Print out and tape to your front/back door about House-Rules, that way they know.

TELL THEM WHAT THEY NEED TO BRING. Let them know exactly what they need to bring: towel, pillows, sleeping bag, air mattress, etc.

MEALS. Dancers are supposed to take care of their own meals. Have a list of local restaurants on your fridge.

HOME COOKING. No need to make a full home-cooked meal. Since not all guests will be home at same time. If possible, it is nice to have some munchy-stuff around.

DRIVE TIMES. Let them know to what extent you can drive them around throughout the weekend. If necessary, if you are an event promoter/worker, have them contact others to arrange rides.

PRIMPING SCHEDULE. If you are driving, let them exactly when you plan on leaving. No point in anyone being cranky about being late to classes/events if they didn't know.

GROUP MEALS. Check with other locals and/or L.A. Blues Team and see if there are any group lunches/dinners that your guests might enjoy.

STAY IN CONTACT. Always let your guests know what your plans are and where to find you. It keeps them from stressing. They are alone in your city and you are their contact if a problem arises.

KEYS/ACCESS TO HOUSE. Some dancers leave the dance early, some stay until daylight - Let your guests know your policy on the keys or access to your house. Some hosts give them a key and let the dancers come & go as they please. Some may have stricter restrictions. Let them know!

And most important - THANK YOU! This event would not happen without Hosts like you.


Requesting Housing

Crashing for "free" at a local dancer's place can be one of the most memorable parts of a dance weekend. It can even lead to lifelong friendships. That being said, housing is a bonus, not a guarantee.

Contact your host as soon as you've been notified by the L.A. Blues Team. Right away, exchange basic information:
• Full Name
• Cell Phone #
• City/State Coming From
• Special Needs (bed/couch/floor)
• Day/Time Arriving & Leaving
• Are you a Smoker/ Non-Smoker
• Special Transportation Needs (airport pickups)
• Have A Car? If so, Are You Willing to Drive Guests? YES/NO
• Pets Allergies?
• You Are A Late Niter

ASSUMPTIONS. Housing is NOT guaranteed and is a privilege, not a right. You should ALWAYS have a hotel/backup plan. Expect to be given a 3' x 6' floor space and a bathroom. Anything after that is a bonus! Do not assume you will be transported, fed, cuddled, nurtured, or catered to over the weekend.

CHANGE OF PLANS? If you found another place to stay, can't make it, please inform your HOST IMMEDIATELY! There most-likely is a housing wait list and you are keeping someone from registering if you don't.

Remember, you are a GUEST in someone's house, not in a hotel. Be Clean. Be Kind.

WHAT TO BRING. Ask your host what is necessary to bring (towel, pillows, sleeping bag, air mattress, etc). Some hosts can provide a bed or couch, but most only have floor space on his/her hardwood floors - and we mean HARD wood floors.

SIZE MATTERS. If you are alone, please consider buying a SINGLE-SIZED air mattress. Space is super limited in some cases, and it is plain rude if you take up the entire living room with your gargantuan mattress just for yourself.

SLEEPING SPACE. Your host is responsible for providing sleeping space and bathroom only. Usually it's a first-come, first-served as far as "where" in the house you are sleeping.

FOOD, DRINKS, MEALS. You are on your own - most of the time. Ask your host for local's choices for restaurants. Don't raid the fridge without permission. If you bought it, you can eat/drink it.

GIFT FOR HOSTS. It is not necessary, but it is a incredibly nice thing to do. Plus it is a positive hosting experience for all makes it much easier for us to get volunteers to host again for future events. How much? Think of how much you would have spent on a hotel for the weekend. Your host isn't expecting that much but you sure did save a lot of money because (s)he offered up his/her home.

Some suggestions:

  • Treat them to a meal sometime during the weekend
  • Bring them something special from your home town
  • Give him/her a bottle of his/her favorite beverage
  • A thank-you card. Gift cards are awesome!
  • A music mix with some of your favorite songs

TRANSPORTATION. Usually your host might be the one who will transport you to and from events but that isn't always the case. Check with your host to see if they'll be able to drive you to & from the airport and/or the events. DON'T ASSUME! If they can't, get in touch with the fellow guests and make arrangements that way. It's nice to offer whoever is driving you around some gas money.

GET READY QUICK. Nobody likes being late for classes or an event because someone needed a larger amount of time to make themselves prettied-up. If you are sharing a bathroom with the host and/or other dancers, try and do as much of your routine outside of the bathroom as possible so that other folks can use the shower, etc.

INFORM YOUR HOST OF YOUR PLANS. It keeps them from stressing. They usually feel somewhat responsible for you and want to make sure you are safe, therefore everyone is having a good time.

KEEP THE HOUSE CLEAN. You are a guest! Your host probably spent all week getting the house ready for you. When you are there, please keep the place clean. If you trash the place, then they will not open their house next year which will put you and others will be in a hotel.

Housing Etiquitte Credit Source: Dirt Cheap Blues

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