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Like Dough, It’s All In How You Rise

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Like Dough, It’s All In How You Rise


December 2008 — Working full-time as an artist..and in a new relationship. My excuses for putting on 30+ lbs.





October 2010 — New dog-parent (Berlin) and getting my health back on track by participating in 5 & 10Ks with my boyfriend and Berlin.






March 2012 — Staying on track. Here I'm recreating my post-marathon glory (because I forgot after 26.2 miles a few days prior). It was down-hill from here.







August 2012 — A decrease in activity due to an injury incurred during marathon training, on top of a post-marathon sprained ankle, helped contribute to my 20+ lbs weight gain. At least that's what I told myself.








March 2013 — Training for a half marathon with Berlin (she joins me for most runs under 6 miles) to kick-start getting back in shape.









July 2015 — Berlin, Matt and I rockin' the Awesome 80s Run










October 2007 — Working full-time as an artist and dancing 5+ nights a week. I was at my lowest weight .. but was not incorporating any other cardio, flexibilty or strength training.

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