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Make fitness FUN—Workout WITH your dog!™

It's as easy as

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Wonderful! You want to be healthy, active and fit WITH your dog! Now if this is a new activity for you and you have no idea what to expect, you are invited you to watch a class before trying it (please - CONTACT US - to schedule this drop-in visit).

If you're ready to get started with our classes and activities, simply follow this short check list:


Shortly after you submit your request, we will contact you to schedule your team (you and your dog) consultation.During your consultation we will:

  • Go over what you'll need for class (also listed below)
  • Assess you and your dog’s health
  • Discuss your fitness and dog training goals
  • Provide informational handouts
  • Evaluate your dog’s training skills & temperament*
  • Provide dog training tips to enhance the class experience

Note you'll need to submit your dog's vaccine records or titer test results before or at Consultation.


Our reservation system will be outlined during your team consultation. You'll find our regular group classes' schedule, descriptions, locations and prices at:

and for more information on our 5/10K Event Training Program visit

Class/Activity Information:

  • Taught by certified fitness instructor and certified dog trainer, Tracy James, unless otherwise noted
  • Morning & Evening Options
  • All fitness levels welcome. Intensity modifications provided. It’s YOUR workout. Work at the pace and level that works for you AND your dog
  • Activities include cardio, agility, strength training, massage and mind/body connection for you and your dog
  • 60 minutes, unless otherwise noted



  • At least four months old
  • All fitness level welcome
  • Strong loose leash walk* and working knowledge of basic obedience (sit, down, stay) required
  • Vaccinated (DHPP, Bordetella, and Rabies) with up-to-date vaccine records and/or titer test results provided to Feet & Paws Fitness. Learn how to submit vaccine records and/or test results -HERE-
  • Licensed
  • Spayed, neutered, or not currently in heat when attending class
  • No breed restrictions

*Loose leash walking is when your dog walks allowing a relaxed J-hook in the leash from your hand to your dog's collar. Heel is when your dog's head is in line with your heel and he/she is looking up at your face. This should not be expected to be sustained for more than 10 seconds.

Class Supplies:


  • Your dog!
  • 6 ft. hands-free leash, nylon OR leather leash*
    • No retractable leashes.
  • Flat buckle collar, martingale, or harness*
    • No slip collars. Prong collars acceptable with instructor approval.
  • Gym Shoes*
  • Potty Bags

*For your team's safety, you will not be able to participate in class without these items.


  • Water (for you and your dog)
  • Athletic clothes (highly recommended)
  • Yoga Mat (highly recommended)
  • Treats & treat pouch
  • Towel or (elevated) bed for Dog’s Place/Home
  • Workout Towel for you