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What Our Clients Have to Say about Us:

I find that Tracy is a wealth of knowledge, when it comes to dogs and what their needs are. We had a lot of fun and was very sore the next day. Can’t wait for our next class!


and Sasha

I’m learning new ways to train my dog in behaviors and we both love the exercise. My dog is more attentive to commands and my muscles hurt in a good way.


and Linus

After getting our second dog, we realized that we needed some help. While our first dog was already trained, our new dog, Otto, was a door dasher, guarded the couch, and pulled and was slightly reactive on leash. It was making life a bit impossible. We had Tracy over for a few sessions and she showed us a variety of different tricks to try. She took the time to explain and demonstrate things and, after we had some time to practice, it finally started to click for me and Otto. Life is a lot easier now! We even make it out to Tracy’s fitness class sometimes. We both have a great time. Thanks Tracy!

Shiri G.

My dog and I took a few Feet & Paws Fitness workout classes before deciding to sign up for a couple private lessons with Tracy to work on some issues we were having, (like pulling on the leash, etc). She came over for a few sessions and was very patient showing us what to do. It’s been especially great because she continues to help us with those specific issues whenever we’re at the group fitness classes. Gretchen has shown a lot of improvement since we’ve been working more closely with Tracy. I’m really glad we signed up for the private training. Highly recommend.

Melissa C.

Irwin and I love going to class together! We bond while getting in a workout. It’s the best!


I love Tracy’s commitment to my baby’s enjoyment and safety. There’s a good balance and variety of activities for both of us and a positive energy. We have mentioned the class to several people. It’s a great idea and we’re so glad we found the group!


What a wonderful way to combine obedience training and personal training!

My wife and I brought our terrier here and it was a wonderful class filled with open minded people and a highly trained instructor. I would recommend this to anyone.

Mike W.

and Otis

Feet and Paws is such a great idea! Gives you a chance to get out, get moving and while also getting your pet out for some exercise too! Tracy who runs it really knows what she’s doing!

Shane K.

Official Photographer

Is Feet & Paws Right for You and Your Dog?

  • Want to spend more time with your dog having FUN?
  • Sad leaving your dog at home when you go to the gym?
  • Interested in being active with your best friend in a group class or at home?
  • Looking to teach your dog obedience skills or curb bad behaviors?

If you answered "Yes!" to any of these questions, Feet & Paws is for you. From private dog training, to group fitness classes and videos that invite you to workout with your dog, we can't wait to help you and your dog work together as a team!

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